Double Trouble - 355 $

Our flagship guitar comes with two humbuckers which guarantees a full sound. Thanks to its zero fret the intonation is great and the oil van body makes it an allround guitar for blues and rock with a unique sound. Are you ready to play?

Dixie Flyer - 795 $

A foldable guitar that comes in a small, wooden suitcase, small enough to take with you to your economy class seat. It not only contains a very playable oil can guitar, but also a small Vox amplifier and a compartment for your strings, guitar picks and strap. Not only ideal for traveling but also for playing street music: the Vox amp runs on batteries as well.

Oil Can Classic - 280 $

The first guitar we ever produced still is a popular item. The mini humbucker gives our Oil Can Classic a crispy, jazzy tone and it has a light touch. Don't they say: Never change a winning horse? Well, this guitar proves that once more.

Jaco - 395 $

The two humbuckers in combination with the oil can body gives our bass guitar you a tone that's both warm and bright. Thanks to the short scale neck it is an easy to play instrument with a light touch. You don't want to say goodbye to the scale length of your Fender Jazz Bass? On request we will modify it for you.

Do It Yourself - 229 $

It is fun to build your own guitar. And with our DIY package you get everything need... Well, everything? We expect you to have your own tools, but most important your own creativity. The oil can, the neck and all the hardware is there and it is not only for the money you save, but who can say that he built his own guitar?